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if you are looking for bags that are stylish but affordable

Are you looking for the perfect replcias bag that perfectly complements your edgy yet creative aesthetic? Are you into street fashion and looking for an accessory to enhance it? If your answer is yes and you don’t mind standing out from the rest then cold wall bags are the ideal pick for you.​ Moreover, it’s easy to find a real one and a fake one.​ So, if you’re anything like me, you would still want to get the real one without a doubt.​

Fear not, I’m here to guide you on how to differentiate between a cold wall bag fake and a real cold wall bag.​ Firstly, you should check the fabric.​ A real cold wall bag has a soft and reliable fabric whereas, a fake one has a rough and unpleasant to touch material.​ This is one of the most important aspects you should look for because it makes a huge difference to the overall quality of the bag and how it would last in the long run.​

In addition, you should also look at the shoulder straps.​ Genuine cold wall bag shoulder straps are adjustable and are highly strong.​ A fake one, on the other hand, shows almost no strength and can easily loosen up with the slightest tug so you must take note of this.​

Another way to differentiate is by examining the logo.​ Real cold wall bags have a very neat logo that has sharp edges and is embossed properly while those that are fake are smudgy and the logo edges don’t have a crisp finish.​ So, if you look at it up close then you are sure to find a difference.​

Lastly, the zipper.​ This could be a major distinguishing factor in some cases.​ A real cold wall bag usually has a smooth zipper and less screeching sound.​ On the contrary, a fake one usually tends to make screeching noises when zipping or unzipping your bag.​ Overall, it is not very pleasant sounding and is easily recognizable.​

Now that you know how to differentiate a real one from a fake, you should also understand why original designs like a cold wall bag are important.​ To start off, when you buy an original design bag, you have the psychological advantage over everyone else.​ Moreover, when we support the real designers with our purchase, we encourage them to come up with unique and innovative designs that would leave everyone in awe.​ Lastly, when you show off the bag, you can take pride in the fact that you got the real deal.​

Moving on, you should also consider why buying a fake cold wall bag could have its consequences.​ To begin with, when buying fashion items, you must always ask where it was made.​ If you can’t answer that then it means that it might be a fake and purchasing these items can land you into legal issues and in worst case scenarios, you may have to pay a hefty fine.​

Another reason why you should stay away from fake bags is because of the material quality.​ Fake ones are usually not made of real leather, hence they tend to tear and rip off quickly whereas the real ones have strong stitching and have a long-lasting material that ensures the durability and longevity of the[……]

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